2020-06-30: News Headlines

Ed Morales (2020-06-30). The Past and Future of Latinx Politics. thenation.com The Past and Future of Latinx Politics…

Alan Macleod (2020-06-29). Twitter Targets Accounts of MintPress and Other Outlets Covering Unrest in Bolivia. mintpressnews.com MintPress News, along with a number of independent Bolivian news outlets and journalists covering the unrest there, were all targeted for suspension at the same time.

Eds. (2020-06-28). All of us began with Marta Harnecker. mronline.org During an interview, then-Bolivia Vice President àÅlvaro García Linera and Spanish state parliamentarian Pablo Iglesias were exchanging ideas on classic texts and their own initiation into politics when the Spanish activist proclaimed: "All of us began with Marta Harnecker".