2020-08-23: News Headlines

teleSUR Desk (2020-08-21). Añez intensifies persecution of social leaders. mronline.org Those who took part in the protests against…

WSWS (2020-08-20). MAS, trade unions and coup regime strike deal to quell revolt by Bolivian workers. wsws.org This most recent betrayal of the MAS and COB proves once again they represent the interests of the Bolivian ruling class.

Vijay Prashad — Manuel Bertoldi (2020-08-19). Will There Ever be Elections Again in Bolivia? counterpunch.org On November 10, 2019, President Evo Morales Ayma of Bolivia announced his resignation from the presidency. Morales had been elected in 2014 to a third presidential term, which should have lasted until January 2020. In November 2019, protests around his fourth electoral victory in October led to the police and the military asking Morales to step down; by every description of the term, this was a coup d'état. Two days later, Morales went into exile in Mexico.

Slava Zilber (2020-08-19). Bolivian journalist explains the 'important victory' people have won against the coup government. thecanary.co The Canary