2020-10-07: News Headlines

Brett Heinz (2020-10-07). Why a DC Public Relations Firm Pretended to Be Bolivian on Facebook. counterpunch.org The Americas Blog featured a post last week about the growing wave of election interference and misinformation campaigns sweeping Latin America, especially as a tool of right-wing governments and political movements. As these digital operations have grown in popularity, so has the market for firms to organize them. In particular, new details about the recent

_____ (2020-10-05). Bolivia: Amid New Crisis, Coup Government Seeks To Divide Spoils. popularresistance.org Just weeks out from the October 18 elections, Bolivia's coup government is again in crisis following the departure of three key ministers over an unconstitutional attempt to privatise an electricity company. | It comes as polls show Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) presidential candidate Luis Arce potentially winning in the first round, less than a year after his party was thrown out of office by a right-wing coup. | Relatively unknown senator Jeanine àÅñez was sworn in as "interim president" last November following the coup against then-MAS president Evo Morales.