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2020-11-08: News Headlines

teleSUR Desk (2020-11-08). Bolivia Bolivia's President-Elect Luis Arce attacked with dynamite. mronline.org The Socialist leader was attacked while he was at a meeting in La Paz city. There is no report of injuries.

Mehr News Agency (2020-11-08). Iranian FM holds meeting with his Chilean counterpart. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 08 (MNA) — Iranian Foreign Minister held a meeting with his Chilean counterpart in La Paz on Sunday, conferring on the expansion of bilateral relations.

WSWS (2020-11-07). MAS denounces dynamite attack against Bolivia's President-elect Luis Arce. wsws.org MAS has stated that newly elected president Luis Arce was the target of a bomb attack Thursday night at the party's La Paz headquarters.

Andrew Korybko (2020-11-06). The 2019 Bolivian Elections Fraud "Precedent" vs. The 2020 US Elections Fraud. globalresearch.ca The precedent established by the Organization of American States' claims that fraud was committed in the 2019 Bolivian presidential election after a suspicious delay in releasing the tally resulted in then-President Morales emerging the victor without a second round being …

Peoples Dispatch (2020-11-06). MAS denounces explosion at campaign headquarters in La Paz. peoplesdispatch.org Sebastián Michel, the spokesperson of the Movement Towards Socialism — Political Instrument for People's Sovereignty (MAS-IPSP) denounced that on the night of Thursday November 5, a stick of dynamite exploded outside the door of the MAS-IPSP campaign headquarters. Michel reported that incoming president Luis Arce was in a meeting at the campaign house when the explosive detonated and that it occurred when far-right groups marched by. | Former Bolivian president Evo Morales

Lucas Leiroz de Almeida (2020-11-05). Tensions Grow in Bolivia as Arce's Inauguration Day Approaches. globalresearch.ca Arce's victory was not enough to overcome the effects of the coup in Bolivia. Currently, the country is strongly threatened by the confluence of the anti-democratic interests of various political groups, paramilitaries and religious fundamentalists who seek to prevent the …

Ralph Nader — Bruce Fein (2020-11-05). How Trump, Hannity and Limbaugh Violated Election Law. counterpunch.org Conservative media celebrities Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh have flagrantly violated the federal election law prohibition of donating anything of value exceeding $2,800 to a presidential candidate. The ongoing strategic collaboration between Trump, Hannity and Limbaugh is obvious and has been widely documented in newspapers and books. Both Hannity and Limbaugh have collaborated with President