2021-01-06: Social Media Postees

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Alabama prisons: ON STRIKE!
Devin C | workers.org | 2021-01-05
Occupied Muscogee Creek / Cherokee / Yuchi / Choctaw / Shawnee / Chickasaw land As of Jan. 1, 2021, incarcerated workers in Alabama's odious prison system are on strike! Led by the Free Alabama Movement, incarcerated workers throughout the state of Alabama have put down their work tools and refused . . . | Continue reading Alabama prisons: ON STRIKE! at Workers.org

Foodbanks at risk of closure due to new coronavirus strain
The Canary | thecanary.co | 2021-01-05
Independent foodbanks are at risk of closure due to the rapidly spreading coronavirus variant and are calling on the government to provide cash to hungry families to "protect public health". | The Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN) has written to the prime minister calling on him to give struggling families money to reduce food bank reliance over the new year lockdown. | The letter says that distribution of emergency parcels "cannot address worsening poverty" and with the number of infections rising "could well contribute to the spread of Covid-19". | Meanwhile, the need to self-isolate could mean services reduc…

Bolivia: Political Refugees Can Contest Subnational Elections
telesurenglish.net | 2021-01-04
Bolivia's Constitutional Court ruled that candidates with asylum or political refugee status abroad may not be disqualified from competing in Feb. 7 sub-national elections, until a final decision is taken by relevant authorities on each case. | RELATED: | Bolivia's Coup Regime Policies Led to Worst Economy in Decades | The ruling was approved taking into account a request submitted by Cochabamba lawmaker Freddy Gonzales on December 28, 2020. | He requested precautionary measure…

Political prisoner Facundo Molares wins freedom!
Fight Back | fightbacknews.org | 2021-01-04
Political prisoner Facundo Molares, an Argentinian photojournalist who was incarcerated by the Bolivian Añez regime, is now safely home in his native Argentina. | Molares was arrested during a violent incident between armed forces backing the coup d'etat and protests for democracy in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia on November 19, 2019, two days after the unelected Añez government took over. Molares was documenting the confrontation for the magazine Centenario, but during this incident he had a health crisis and was rushed to the hospital. | The Añez coup regime arrested Facundo in his hospital bed. It is widely…

California's Prop. 22 and the essence of capitalist exploitation
Marcello Severo | workers.org | 2021-01-04
In November, voters cast their ballots in the most expensive, and hence, most thoroughly corrupted, election in U.S. history. Protest against Proposition 22, San Francisco On California's ballots were 12 direct initiatives, ranging from medical regulation to privacy statutes. In such a corrupted environment, it is unsurprising that the appearance . . . | Continue reading California's Prop. 22 and the essence of capitalist exploitation at Workers.org

Brazil: Police Accused of Killing Black Man on His Way To Work
telesurenglish.net | 2021-01-04
The fatal event took place in the Cidade de Deus neighborhood, west of Rio de Janeiro. | Marcelo Guimarà£es, a 38 years old Afro-Brazilian man, was killed this Monday morning after being hit by a rifle bullet fired by the country's Military Police (PM) while he was en route to work. | RELATED: | French Retailer Carrefour Sued for Black Man Death in Brazil | Authorities said the man, who worked in a marble store, was shot during a gunfight between police and drug dealers, in…

Black Inmates Begin 2021 With Uprising In Saint Louis Justice Center
_____ | popularresistance.org | 2021-01-04
Saint Louis, MO – It is a custom in the City of Saint Louis and other predominantly New Afrikan cities to welcome a new year by firing into the air. The coming of the New Year 2021 saw the most oppressed of our people improve on this popular custom by initiating a struggle against atrocious conditions at the Saint Louis "Justice" Center. This justice center downtown is directly across from the hideous faux-gothic, soot stained monstrosity of City Hall, and it is not lost on many who enter the doors of either building that one feeds the other. The City needs Black people incarcerated because, as Huey P. Newton and…

Black Lives Matter y la ley de seguridad global de Francia
G. Dunkel | workers.org | 2021-01-04
A veces es difícil darse cuenta del impacto mundial del movimiento Black Lives Matter. La indiferencia del idioma, la cultura y los medios de comunicación pueden entorpecer. Algunos países simplemente no tienen el tipo de eventos (protestas, marchas, mítines) por una variedad de razones, donde aparecería la influencia de BLM. . . . | Continue reading Black Lives Matter y la ley de seguridad global de Francia at Workers.org