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Nicaragua — A Revolution Worth Defending
_____ | popularresistance.org | 2021-06-01
In a recent article "Washington: new attempt to overthrow the Nicaraguan government" Pablo Jofre Leal recognizes that Nicaragua, is the target of imperialist aggression by the U.S. and its regional pawns, more than ever now in this election year. He also notes the absurdity of the US authorities' declaration that Nicaragua is a danger to US national security and observes how the media routinely falsely portrays Nicaragua as a dictatorship, focusing its hate campaign mostly on President Comandante Daniel Ortega. Jofre Leal accurately and correctly summarizes that Nicaragua, like Bolivia, Cuba and Venezuela is the…

What happened to the municipalists in Spain?
Joris Leverink | roarmag.org | 2021-06-01
Mayors of Madrid and Barcelona, Manuela Carmena Castrillo and Ada Colau, during the Fearless Cities conference in 2017. Photo: Barcelona En Comú / Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0) | When the citizen pl…

Dismantle NYC's Mass Surveillance Project — Start With Jail Recordings
Staff | truthout.org | 2021-06-01
Mass public surveillance is becoming a threat in everyday life, with big tech corporations digitally tracking our every move. For incarcerated people, surveillance is even more intrusive. | In the last year, the New York City Department of Corrections (DOC) illegally recorded more than 1,500 privileged calls between people incarcerated in its jails and their at…

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