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2021-06-21: News Headlines

Eduardo Gudynas (2021-06-21). Necropolitics in the Amazon. counterpunch.org As usual, the Amazon is on the frontlines of the war for the appropriation of the natural world. Most people when they hear 'Amazon', think only of Brazil. And while the situation in that country certainly is alarming, the battlefields of the Amazon region span northern Bolivia, various departments of Peru, several areas of Ecuador and southern Colombia and Venezuela.

Editor2 (2021-06-20). Tapes Leaked to Media Reveal Bolivian Coup Government was Plotting to Overturn 2020 Election Loss with Help from US Mercenaries. orinocotribune.com Top cabinet officials in the interim government of Jeanine àÅñez plotted a second coup to stay in power in Bolivia, according to leaked documents. The plan allegedly involved hundreds of US mercenaries flown in from Florida. | àÅñez took power in Bolivia in November 2019, after violent protests backed by the country's military and police forced Evo Morales to flee from the country rather than continue governing for a fourth presidential term after winning elections. The protests were triggered by claims of election fraud, which were promoted by the Organization of American States (OAS) and were later…