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2021-06-22: News Headlines

_____ (2021-06-22). Peru: Journalist Warns of Bolivia-Style Coup After the Election. popularresistance.org Peru's elitist right-wing forces behind presidential contender Keiko Fujimori are leading a "political propaganda" campaign of fraud allegations against her leftist rival Pedro Castillo and even considering a military coup to block his rise to power, a local journalist has declared. | "What is happening in Peru is that we have this election strategy of fear made by the right-wing forces, the private media, and also by the economic powers supporting Fujimori… claiming that if Castillo wins the election, the country will become a dictatorship like Venezuela".

Eduardo Gudynas (2021-06-21). Necropolitics in the Amazon. counterpunch.org As usual, the Amazon is on the frontlines of the war for the appropriation of the natural world. Most people when they hear 'Amazon', think only of Brazil. And while the situation in that country certainly is alarming, the battlefields of the Amazon region span northern Bolivia, various departments of Peru, several areas of Ecuador and southern Colombia and Venezuela.