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2021-08-04: News Headlines

Jonah Raskin (2021-08-04). How Ernesto Guevara Became "Che": The Motorcycle Diaries Revisited. counterpunch.org The main conflict or contradiction in The Motorcycle Diaries is between Che the individualist who wanted to express himself to the fullest and to experience everything that a 20th century human could experience and Che the collectivist who wanted to serve the people and the revolution. Perhaps he never fully resolved the conflict as he saw it, though he tried in Cuba, the Congo, Bolivia and globally on the stage of history.

René Rojas (2021-08-04). A Second Pink Tide in Latin America? zcomm.org With the left's recent electoral successes in Peru and Bolivia, and previously in Mexico and Argentina, does this mean that there is a second so-called "Pink Tide" in Latin America?>

teleSUR -him (2021-08-04). Juez boliviano extiende prisión preventiva contra Jeanine àÅñez. telesurtv.net La extensión de la prisión preventiva de Áñez se deriva de presuntas nuevas causas de incumplimiento de deberes.

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2021-08-03). RUNASUR: For a Plurinational America. libya360.wordpress.com Kawsachun News Evo Morales sets out the guiding principles of RUNASUR, a nascent alliance that will be launched for the plurinational integration of indigenous peoples, afro-descendant peoples, worker's unions, territorial organizations, and social movements in the region. RUNASUR, created by movements, aims to resolve the historical debt that the people are owed in the face…

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