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2021-09-03: News Headlines

Peoples Dispatch (2021-09-03). Plotters of the coup d'état in Bolivia tried to assassinate Evo Morales, reveals AMLO. peoplesdispatch.org President Andrés Manuel López Obrador revealed that a section of the Bolivian armed forces may have launched an RPG rocket at the plane that was transporting former President Evo Morales to Mexico after the coup d'état in Bolivia in November 2019…

teleSUR, him, SH (2021-09-03). Intento de asesinato a Evo Morales revela brutalidad de fuerzas golpistas. telesurtv.net El politólogo expresó que de haberse consumado el atentado a Evo Morales pudo desencadenar en un conflicto internacional.

Staff (2021-09-02). àÅñez Coup Plotters Tried to Shoot Down Evo Morales' Plane Heading to Mexico (AMLO). orinocotribune.com President López Obrador revealed the details of "how we decided to give Evo Morales protection and asylum" in his latest book. | Bolivian coup leaders fired a rocket at the Mexican Air Force (FAM) plane that rescued Evo Morales, the former president of the South American country, in November 2019, detailed the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in his new book published on August 30. | The next day, on Tuesday August 31, López Obrador declared in his morning press conference that in his most recent book, Midway Along the Path, he tells "how we decided to give protection and asylum to Evo Morales,"

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