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2021-11-15: News Headlines

teleSUR, drl, JL (2021-11-15). Gobierno boliviano denuncia pretensiones de desestabilización. telesurtv.net A pesar de la abrogación del proyecto de Ley en cuestionamiento, el movimiento cívico devela afanes desestabilizadores.

teleSUR, drl, JCM (2021-11-15). Denuncian muerte de activistas en masacre carcelaria en Ecuador. telesurtv.net La masacre en Guayaquil, con 68 muertos, también se cobró la vida de activistas detenidos, algunos sin condena.

Staff (2021-11-14). Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell speaks to press for first time since arrest. rt.com Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell, who faces a possible life sentence for her involvement with the pedophile millionaire, has spoken out for the first time about her conditions in prison, claiming she has been abused. | Speaking to the Daily Mail from her cell at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York, Maxwell called her incarceration a "living hell," claiming she had been kept in solitary confinement, deprived of sleep, and fed rotten food. | "I have been assaulted and abused for almost a year and a half," she said. She further alleged she was not allowed to exercise or have the lig…

Peoples Dispatch (2021-11-14). Anti-fascist rally in Madrid commemorates 14th anniversary of Carlos Palomino's martyrdom. peoplesdispatch.org 16-year-old Carlos Palomino Munoz was stabbed and killed on a train by Josué Estébanez de la Hija, who was on his way to attend a rally organized by the extremist National Democracy party. Carlos himself was heading to a counter-rally…

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