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2021-11-19: News Headlines

A Guest Author (2021-11-19). Survivors of mass incarceration speak truth to power at 'Spirit of Mandela' tribunal. workers.org The following are excerpts from testimony given at the Oct. 23-25 "Spirit of Mandela" International Tribunal for Political Prisoners, held in New York City. The U.S. was found guilty of six counts of human rights violations, including mass incarceration—in particular of political prisoners and prisoners of war. These excerpts include . . . |

In Defense of Liberation! (2021-11-18). What does "Democracy" mean under a Capitalist system?>. anchor.fm Given the propaganda and lies the US and UN continue to spread about countries like Bolivia, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba, I and others continue to express and explain why these countries are FAR more democratic than even the supposed "bastion of democracy and freedom", aka the Settler-Colonial, Imperialist, capitalist project we now call "the United States". Democracy under Capitalism is a sham, as is the Democratic and Republican Party Duopoly that we consider as the foundation to our "Democracy".

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2021-11-18). Bolivia and Cuba: Protagonists and Events in the Heat of the Imperial Offensive. libya360.wordpress.com Misión Verdad Cuban police cars were rammed by violent demonstrators in Havana on July 11, 2021 (Photo: Yamil Lage / AFP) The onslaught of the Global North, led by the United States and its battery of unconventional warfare methods, continues to impact the stability of countries that are not aligned with the interests of domestic…

Marcel Cartier (2021-11-18). British journalist speaks out on detention en route to cover the elections in Nicaragua. peoplesdispatch.org The three day detention of Steve Sweeney, the only journalist from Britain's media who was due to cover Nicaragua's election, is part of the multi-pronged campaign to subvert the country's self-determination…

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