2022-08-03: News Headlines

TeleSUR- jaa- JL (2022-08-03). Chile y Bolivia inician reactivación de Hoja de Ruta Bilateral. telesurtv.net Ambos Gobierno buscan realzar sus relaciones bilaterales luego de la demanda marítima ante la Corte Internacional de Justicia (CIJ) de La Haya.

____ (2022-08-03). Taiwan's return to motherland a historical inevitability: Chinese FM. ecns.cn Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Wednesday made clear here China's solemn position on Speaker of the U.S.Wang, who is attending meetings on East Asia cooperation and on a visit to Cambodia, told reporters that Pelosi's tour is a complete farce."ÄÄ…

TeleSUR, SH (2022-08-03). China rechaza reunión entre Nancy Pelosi y la presidenta de Taiwán. telesurtv.net El ministro de Relaciones Exteriores de China afirmó que EE.UU. se ha convertido en el "mayor destructor" de la paz y la estabilidad regional en el Estrecho de Taiwán.

Jeremy Kuzmarov (2022-08-02). Former Bolivian President Evo Morales calls for a Global campaign to eliminate NATO. mronline.org In interview with British journalist, Morales says the U.S. uses NATO to provoke wars and sell weapons. U.S./UK-backed coup against him in 2019 was undertaken for lithium and because his government advanced an alternative economic model to the neoliberal "Washington Consensus"

Ted Kelly (2022-08-02). Pennsylvania county jails are a death trap. workers.org An unprecedented number of incarcerated people have died inside Pennsylvania's county jails in the last two years, and the staggering rate of death continues to increase. Allegheny and Philadelphia Counties — which contain the state's two most populous cities, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia — have reported the deaths of dozens of . . . |

TeleSUR, DRL (2022-08-02). Francia Márquez aboga por unidad latinoamericana en Bolivia. telesurtv.net La vicepresidenta electa colombiana estuvo en una ceremonia ancestral por el aniversario de la independencia de Bolivia.

TeleSUR, JGN (2022-08-02). Poder judicial de Brasil llama a candidatos al diálogo y la paz. telesurtv.net Fux subrayó que la Constitución brasileña garantiza libertad para manifestarse, pero también exige respeto y responsabilidad con el prójimo y con el país.

TeleSUR, gao, JGN (2022-08-02). Vicepresidenta electa colombiana se reúne con Evo Morales. telesurtv.net Márquez y Morales reafirmaron un frente común en la lucha contra la pobreza y la exclusión neoliberal.

TeleSUR, gao, JGN (2022-08-02). Detectan primer caso de viruela símica en Bolivia. telesurtv.net El caso confirmado y los cuatro sospechosos residen en el municipio de Santa Cruz, en el oriente de Bolivia.

JANET (2022-08-01). Extreme weather and mass incarceration deaths. iacenter.org By Mirinda Crissman July 20, 2022 Houston Across the hottest places in the U.S., people in prisons, jails and detention centers often face unbearable and sometimes lethal conditions behind the walls, where air conditioning is not provided. The Prison Policy Initiative has found that many famously hot states lack universal air conditioning in prisons and jails. These include Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia. (Prisonpolicy.org, June 18, 2019) Data compiled and analyzed by The Intercept shows that Te…

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