2022-11-28: News Headlines

_____ (2022-11-27). Pennsylvania Prison Strike Letter For Fellow Incarcerated People. popularresistance.org We at SPARC [Subaltern Peoples Abolitionist Revolutionary Collective] have been organizing in PA prisons for years. We've been building our movement with focus on addressing the struggles going on right now. It's clear from the failure to return to pre-COVID normal procuedure that the administration intends to keep us under elevated restrictions indefinitely. Not only that, but there are many problems with the Pennsylvania injustice system that are not being remedied by politicians and lawyers. We intend to do our part. | Prisons are modern day slave plantations which only make profits for our exploiters if we do…

Marie Kelly (2022-11-26). Poor medical care for incarcerated people leads to deaths. workers.org Elisa Serna was only 24 when she died, due to medical neglect at a San Diego County jail in 2019. Serna was suffering from symptoms including vomiting and fainting, due to an intrauterine pregnancy and drug withdrawal. Her blood pressure was dropping. (Fox 5 San Diego, Oct. 26) An investigation . . . |

TeleSUR, hvh, JDO (2022-11-26). Presidente Lukashenko insta a Ucrania a dialogar con Rusia. telesurtv.net Apreció que Kiev ha de actuar con independencia de Washington y empeñar todos sus esfuerzos en la búsqueda de la paz.

TeleSUR, SH (2022-11-26). Xi Jinping expresó su deseo de estrechar vínculos con Norcorea. telesurtv.net El presidente chino indicó al líder de Corea del Norte que espera trabajar por la paz, estabilidad, desarrollo y prosperidad en la región.

TeleSUR, SH (2022-11-26). Comisión de Constitución aprueba proyecto del censo en Bolivia. telesurtv.net El proyecto de ley recoge el contenido del decreto 4824 que fija el censo poblacional de de vivienda en Bolivia para el 23 de marzo de 2024.

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