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2022-01-01: News Headlines

Editor (2021-12-31). China Sends Bolivia 3 Million COVID-19 Vaccines. mronline.org Bolivia has received three million Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccines from China, the largest delivery of vaccines to arrive in Bolivia from the Asian superpower.

Mirinda Crissman (2021-12-31). Give an incarcerated person a gift of Workers World! workers.org "Inmates need Workers World papers. When you're locked up, you need an intellectual light to shine through the darkness of state oppression. If you're a free person reading this, and you care about the struggle against mass incarceration, please take out a subscription for an incarcerated person. It means more . . . |

WSWS (2021-12-31). Workers Struggles: Asia and Australia. wsws.org India: New Delhi police arrest protesting doctors; Punjab university teachers continue strike action; South Korean parcel delivery workers threaten strike…

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