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2022-01-09: News Headlines

Lucia Hug, Danzhen You, Hannah Blencowe, Allisyn C Moran, Leontine Alkema (2022-01-08). [Correspondence] Strengthening the reporting of stillbirths globally — Authors' reply. thelancet.com We appreciate the comments by Olga Joos and colleagues, in response to our Article,1 on prioritising stillbirth reporting and registration within civil registration and vital statistics system strengthening efforts. Improving data collection and data quality in low-income and middle-income countries (LMICs) is key since far too many of these countries have very scarce or no quality data on stillbirths. Integrating stillbirths in the vital registration process will allow us to produce better and more timely estimates of the risk of stillbirth and analyse inequities at the subnational level.

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