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2022-02-09: News Headlines

teleSUR, lvm, JDO (2022-02-09). Al menos 27 muertos dejan fuertes lluvias en Bolivia. telesurtv.net Hay 21.463 familias damnificadas en el territorio nacional, mientras que La Paz es el departamento más afectado.

teleSUR, yart, JCM (2022-02-09). Detienen en Chile al líder mapuche Jaime Huenchullán. telesurtv.net La detención del líder mapuche causó indignación en movimientos y colectivos sociales que condenaron el arresto de Huenchullán.

Project Censored (2022-02-08). Update on Julian Assange Case, Future of Gulf of Mexico Drilling, and is Graphika Really a Fake News Watchdog? projectcensored.org After several visits as a guest, Eleanor Goldfield joins the program as co-host with Mickey Huff. In the first segment of this week's show, Kevin Gosztola delivers a brief update… | By Tara Dorabji India, the world's largest democracy, continues to use draconian laws to silence and incarcerate journalists and human rights defenders in Kashmir. On February 4, Fahad Shah, founder…

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