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2022-09-24: News Headlines

Rachel Clarke (2022-09-24). [Perspectives] Medicine's dark night. thelancet.com In 2016, a British junior doctor, scarcely 6 months out of medical school, left her hospital midway through a shift and then vanished. 25-year-old Rose Polge had not yet completed her first year of medicine when she placed a suicide note in the glove compartment of her car, walked into the sea, and drowned. Hours earlier, she had asked her boyfriend if he would still love her if she left medicine.

A Guest Author (2022-09-24). Pennsylvania DOC reclassifies Latinx incarcerated workers as 'white'. workers.org By Bryant Arroyo and Betsey Piette In late August, environmental justice advocate and Puerto Rican political prisoner Bryant Arroyo was notified that the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC) and the Pennsylvania Justice Network, arbitrarily and without prior notice, changed his Hispanic/Latino race classification to "white." The misnamed "Justice" Network is . . . |

TeleSUR -ysm, DRL (2022-09-24). Palestina denuncia en la ONU que Israel asesina con impunidad. telesurtv.net El líder palestino pidió públicamente al Gobierno israelí que asuma sus responsabilidades económicas, políticas y morales.

Joseph Zimmer (2022-09-23). This Constitution Week Let's Stop Using Brands That Support Prison Slavery. commondreams.org An estimated $14 billion in wages are stolen every year from incarcerated workers across the country.

Anand Naidoo (2022-09-23). The Heat: Bolivian President Luis Arce and UN Head of Biodiversity Elizabeth Mrema. america.cgtn.com How did Bolivia escape rampant global inflation? And why is biodiversity critical to the survival of our planet?>

TeleSUR -ysm, DRL (2022-09-23). México reitera llamado a la paz ante la ONU. telesurtv.net México propone instituir un Comité para el Diálogo y la Paz en Ucrania, que fortalezca el papel que desempeña la ONU.

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