2023-01-10: News Headlines

teleSUR, odr, YSM (2023-01-10). Bolivia reporta disminución de casos de Covid-19 en una semana. telesurtv.net El titular de la cartera sanitaria refirió que la disminución equivale a 5.131 casos menos en la semana epidemiológica 52.

teleSUR, jaa, YSM (2023-01-10). Colombia y Chile coordinan estrategias de trabajo bilateral. telesurtv.net En el cónclave, Petro y Boric firmaron una declaración conjunta en pos de la paz y los derechos humanos.

teleSUR, MER (2023-01-10). Presidente de Nicaragua advierte sobre el fascismo en el mundo. telesurtv.net El mandatario de Nicaragua aseguró que así como se defiende la paz, también se debe defender la justicia.

teleSUR, DRL (2023-01-10). Movimiento popular repudia intentona golpista en Brasil. telesurtv.net El presidente Lula da Silva decretó la intervención federal en la seguridad pública del Distrito Federal hasta el 31 de enero.

_____ (2023-01-09). Bolivian Unions Mobilize For President Luis Arce. popularresistance.org Bolivia's social movements have declared a state of emergency and permanent mobilization in support of President Luis Arce in response to riots in Santa Cruz by groups loyal to arrested coup leader, Luis Fernando Camacho. Social movements that made the declaration include the COB workers confederation, the campesino confederations (CSTUCB, Interculturales), and indigenous organizations (CONAMAQ, Bartolinas). | Executive Secretary of the COB, Juan Carlos Huarachi, held a press conference late last night after a meeting President Luis Arce, he said, "Today, all the social movements agree to declare ourselves in a s…

teleSUR, JCM (2023-01-09). Bolivia prepara informe sobre salud del gobernador Camacho. telesurtv.net Luis Fernando Camacho, preso por su vinculación al golpe de Estado contra Evo Morales,…

teleSUR, SH (2023-01-09). Luis Arce afirmó que bolivianos no permitirán un nuevo atentado. telesurtv.net Las organizaciones sociales de El Torno emitieron un comunicado en donde ratificaron su apoyo al presidente Arce y al vicepresidente David Choquehuanca.

José Luis Granados Ceja (2023-01-09). Venezuela's Maduro Denounces 'Neo-Fascist' Coup Attempt in Brazil. venezuelanalysis.com The Brasilia events could lead to a long destabilization campaign by right-wing forces as has been done by their counterparts in Venezuela and Bolivia.

_____ (2023-01-09). Peru: Social Movements Declare National Strike. popularresistance.org The indefinite national strike in Peru, called by various social movements of the country, has been continuing since January 4, in demand of a constituent assembly, the release of President Pedro Castillo from prison, and the resignation of de facto President Dina Boluarte and her illegitimate government. | The strike has spread through the country, with the greatest presence in the departments of Apurimac, Arequipa, Ayacucho, Puno, Cusco, and Tacna. The protesters demand the closing of the Congress, dominated by the ultra-right, which removed the democratically elected president, Pedro Castillo on December 7, 20…

manager (2023-01-09). The Grand Switcheroo: Escobari and Hoover Reinterpret Their Results to Misidentify Fraud. cepr.net In the previous post, we looked at the difference-in-difference models of Escobari and Hoover. We noted that they all show the same thing, suffering from the same problem. To identify fraud, they require that however much more the results at the late-transmitting polling stations favored Morales when contrasted with the early ones, they ought to …

Staff (2023-01-09). El Barcelona gana y vuelve a liderar LaLiga en solitario. cubadebate.cu El Barcelona aprovechó la derrota del Real Madrid en Villarreal para, con un ajustado pero importantísimo triunfo en el Cívitas Metropolitano ante el Atlético de Madrid (0-1), volver a situarse como líder en solitario de LaLiga Santander, ahora con tres puntos de ventaja.

Waukegan Liberation Staff (2023-01-09). Charges filed against killer cop in Waukegan, Illinois, after two years of community struggle. liberationnews.org On Oct. 20, 2020, Waukegan police officer Dante Salinas killed 19-year-old Marcellis Stinnette and injured his girlfriend Tafara Williams.

Katie Rose Quandt (2023-01-09). Far Right GOP Now Champions Jail Reforms — But Only for January Sixers. truthout.org This article was published in partnership with Solitary Watch. Republicans are not known for championing the rights of incarcerated people. Doing so would run counter to their purposefully cultivated "tough on crime" image, which often includes a penchant for harsh prison and jail conditions. But in the two years since the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, the party — and especially its most… |

Mansa Musa (2023-01-09). Louisiana to imprison juveniles at Angola Prison's death row. therealnews.com The state of Louisiana is considering transferring at least 20 minors incarcerated in its juvenile correction system to be housed on death row. The state alleges these children are amongst its most problematic incarcerated minors, and that placing them on death row is in line with government obligations to rehabilitate juvenile offenders. Lana Charles, who has worked to provide arts programs in Louisiana's juvenile justice system for 15 years, joins Rattling the Bars to explain the situation of incarcerated youth in her state. | Luliana "Lana" Charles has worked with youth for over 15 years in the capacity…

Marie Kelly (2023-01-09). News whiteout of Pennsylvania prison strike. workers.org Philadelphia Incarcerated workers held captive in Pennsylvania prisons called a labor strike in the name of Subaltern Peoples Abolitionist Revolutionary Collective (SPARC). The demonstration "to protest against the State's oppressive policies" was called last year and set to begin this Jan. 6. (tinyurl.com/52m3n4t5) As of this writing, the outcome of . . . |

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