2023-09-11: News Headlines

teleSUR, dcdc, JDO (2023-09-11). Presidente de Bolivia insta a accionar para enfrentar sequía. telesurtv.net El mandatario indicó que el déficit hídrico tiene efectos devastadores en sectores clave como la agricultura, la ganadería y la economía de las regiones productivas.

Rev. Graylan Scott Hagler, Waging Nonviolence. (2023-09-10). Building Hope And A Halfway House In Washington, DC. popularresistance.org With nearly two million people in prison and an incarceration rate five times higher than most countries on the planet, the United States is the world's only carceral superpower. Our nation has a long tradition of "justice" that is articulated in a cold, calculating and harsh expression of punishment. Despite this history, a counter narrative surrounding imprisonment and punishment in the United States has also existed — one that is based in reform, repentance, restoration and redemption. | Quakers in Philadelphia spent decades in the early 19th century protesting harsh prison conditions and ultimately conv…

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